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Boiler flue gas waste heat recovery heat exchanger energy saving effect

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2019-05-29     

      The waste heat of the boiler flue gas recovers the energy saving effect of the heat exchanger. Useful to improve boiler thermal efficiency and reduce boiler heat loss. The thermal efficiency of flue gas boilers is usually above 88%. The primary heat loss is the loss of flue gas heat. After the flue gas waste heat recovery equipment in the flue gas tail equipment, if 80% of the flue gas enters the heat recovery equipment, it can improve the heat energy use. The rate is more than 8 percent, which greatly reduces the exhaust temperature and is useful for recovering heat.

      Reduce atmospheric pollution and complete energy conservation and emission reduction. Improve the power usage rate of enterprises, add economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits of enterprises. After recovering the waste heat from the heating furnace, the annual carbon resources will be saved and the CO2 emissions will be reduced annually. Recovering the use of heat from the waste heat of the furnace can save power, improve the environment, and promote sustainable economic development.

      With outstanding enterprise economic benefits and obvious social benefits, the market prospect is very broad. The conclusion is based on the nature of the waste heat resource of the heating furnace. After the recovery of the use of heat and heat, the use of heat exchangers, waste heat boilers, generator sets and other ancillary equipment, the waste heat is completed. The recovery and use of the maximum limit of resources, the practice on the furnace system proves that the recovery of the waste heat resources can not only improve the fuel consumption rate of the furnace.

The waste heat, steam and other waste heat resources will be used reasonably and usefully, and the economic and social benefits will be obvious. It is worthy of being promoted and used in a wide range. The detailed functions include the following points: According to the working conditions, the intelligent combination of the various waste heat recovery methods is completed. Efficient recovery of waste heat recovery, so that the heating efficiency of the furnace is improved by more than 30%.


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