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What is the difference between iron groove material and iron groove castable?

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What is the difference between iron ditch and iron ditch castable? Before we understand the difference between iron ditch and iron ditch castable, we need to know what is the iron ditch and iron ditch castable, in order to better distinguish between the two. The difference is convenient for us to choose iron groove refractory materials.


      The iron ditch is the passage through which the molten iron flows when the blast furnace is tapping. The refractory material is laid on the iron ditch to extend the service life of the iron ditch.

      What is the iron ditch material? The iron ditch material is the refractory material used in the blasting of the blast furnace tapping groove and the repairing. The iron ditch used in the iron ditch lining is made of refractory castable, refractory ramming material, and used for repairing the iron ditch. Iron groove material is generally ramming material, they are all unshaped refractory materials, iron groove material is made of fused corundum, silicon carbide and fixed carbon as refractory raw materials, adding binder and additives, after mixing, according to iron ditch Need to choose construction mode construction.

      What is the iron ditch castable, the iron ditch castable is the refractory castable used in the blasting of the blast furnace tapping groove. When the iron ditch is used for lining, the castable is integrally cast. The main component of the iron ditch castable is fused corundum and silicon carbide. And fixed carbon, adding binder and additives, construction is carried out by pouring.

      According to the above description, the iron ditch material contains the iron ditch castable. With the development of the ironmaking blast furnace, the iron ditch is mostly made of castable material. Many customers use the iron ditch castable material as iron ditch material, and the iron ditch beating material is used. Less, generally used in small iron-making enterprises.

      Therefore, the iron ditch material is commonly known as iron ditch castable. The iron ditch castable is used as the refractory material for the blast furnace tapping ditch. The construction is convenient and the use effect is good, which can prolong the service life of the blast furnace iron ditch and reduce the construction intensity of workers. . If the iron ditch needs to be repaired, the ramming material is selected, and the place to be repaired is quickly beaten and put into use in a short time.

      The above is a brief introduction of the difference between iron ditch and iron ditch castable. Whether it is iron ditch or iron ditch castable, the material used is aluminum silicon carbide carbon, which is resistant to molten iron slag and has strong thermal shock. Good stability, long service life as iron groove lining.



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