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Technical rules for construction of refractory castable

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I. preparation and strict inspection before construction

Wait for casting equipment and site cleaning;Spare parts of construction machinery and tools are in good condition;Material, type, size, arrangement and welding (fixing) quality of the anchorage parts, the metal anchorage parts should be compensated for expansion.And surrounding firebrick and other pouring material wet water prevention measures;Pre-test whether the castable fails;The water quality shall meet the drinking water standard;The above experience is qualified and the construction is not interrupted. 


Ii. Construction requirements:

1, mold: made of steel plate or hard wood, steel plate coating mold release agent, wood to brush waterproof paint should not leak, to have enough strength.

2. Mixing: pour the pouring material into the machine with a forced mixer and take out the additive pouch and pour it in. Dry mix for 2-3 minutes and wet mix with water for 3-5 minutes.

3. Vibration: pouring pouring material into the mold shall be immediately layered and vibrated with a vibrator, without leakage vibration and prolonged vibration and revitalization in the same position, to avoid segregation and holes in the pouring material.The finished castable must be discarded within 20-30 minutes from the time of adding water to the finished castable.Expansion joints are set as designed. 

4. Maintenance: the mold shall not be dismantled until the surface of the pouring material is dry and the strength reaches 70%. The time for mold removal is ≥24 hours and the maintenance time is ensured to be ≥24 hours. 


5. Drying: according to different grades, thickness of pouring material lining and site climatic conditions, the user must provide enough baking time to ensure moisture removal without bursting.Cumulative baking time ≥72 hours is required.


Iii. Precautions:

1. Strictly control the amount of water added. The room temperature of construction in winter must be greater than 5℃, and there are certain anti-freezing measures. 

2. Compulsory mixer must be used. Manual mixing is strictly prohibited.

3, anchor nail must add expansion cap or brush asphalt paint.

4. This product is strictly prohibited to be mixed with other brands of pouring materials.

5. The storage period is 3 months.


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