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Guizhou Province: Mineral resources mining enterprises are required to pay a deposit

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-10-15     


       On April 14th, the reporter learned from the General Office of the Guizhou Provincial Government that Guizhou Province recently implemented the “Regulations on the Management of Mine Geological Hazards and Geological Environment Management Recovery Deposits in Guizhou Province” (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures”). The method requires all mining enterprises engaged in mineral resources mining activities within the administrative region of the province to open a special account deposit deposit to the bank designated by the local financial department.


       The method is clear, the principles of mine geological disasters and geological environment governance restoration: prevention-oriented, prevention and control, who develops, who protects; who destroys, who recovers; who induces, who governs. The mining enterprise is the first responsible person for the restoration of mine geological disasters and geological environment management.


       The method proposes that the deposit should be based on the principle of enterprise ownership, government supervision, and special funds. The mining enterprise shall open a special account for the deposit in the bank designated by the local financial department, and the finance and the bank shall jointly manage, and the mining enterprise shall deposit and use the funds according to the regulations. Any mining enterprise engaged in the exploitation of mineral resources within the administrative region of the province shall, in accordance with regulations, open a special account to deposit deposits with the bank designated by the local financial department.


       Among them, the mining enterprises that apply for mining rights should submit the mine geological environment protection and governance restoration plan and the deposit guarantee commitment letter to the land and resources administrative department when registering the mining license. After the application for mining rights is approved, the mining right holder shall deposit a deposit of 30% of the deposit amount before the mining license is obtained, and the remaining portion shall be paid in one lump sum during the year when the mine is completed and put into production.


       According to the principle, the mining enterprise should entrust a third party to evaluate the geological environment of the mine at various stages of mining, in accordance with the principle of “pre-harvest plan, post-harvest treatment, and post-harvest acceptance”. Geological environmental issues propose prevention and control measures. Mining enterprises should promptly manage and actively manage geological disasters and geological environment problems in the mining area. During the mining process, mining enterprises may apply for the use of deposits for mine geological disasters and geological environmental remediation. After the mining enterprise fulfills its obligation to complete the restoration of the mine environmental management, the deposit (including interest) is returned to the mining enterprise.


       The method also clarifies that the deposit can be used for geological disasters such as ground subsidence, ground fissures, collapses, landslides, mudslides, and aquifer damage, landform and landscape damage, and land reclamation in the mining area; geological disasters, waste slag dumping, encroachment within the mining area Relocation, treatment or compensation (compensation) for pollution, ecological environment damage, etc.; restoration of geological environment in mining areas.


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