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Circulating fluidized bed steel fiber castable|high strength wear-resistant castable

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Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on independent research and development and continuous innovation. The materials developed have successfully broken through the problem of erosion damage of aluminum liquid to refractory materials, and developed a series of refractory materials resistant to corrosion and non-stick aluminum. The performances such as viscosity, leakage resistance and service life have been upgraded to the international leading level, solving the series of problems of adverse reactions between refractory materials and aluminum liquids in aluminum industry. Reducing the secondary firing of traditional refractories requires increasing energy consumption and resources. Waste. The company's products cover aluminum profiles in the aluminum processing industry, aluminum foil with foil, wire and cable, pressure casting, waste aluminum recycling, etc., melting furnaces for aluminum processing industry, holding furnaces, transfer package filter boxes, flow tanks, filter boxes High-temperature lining materials. The series of products provided by Zibo Yueneng Furnace have been recognized and praised by customers. For a long time, the company has established a good market with professional technology, advanced technology and equipment, high-quality products and perfect service. Image. We adhere to the business philosophy of “Professional Focus, Integrity-based, Beyond User Expectations” To the future, market-oriented, user needs, innovation, sustainable development, & ldquo; Chinese high-end materials to create & rdquo; continued efforts to forge ahead


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