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Conditions for use of refractory castables in rotary kiln kiln

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The refractory lining of the rotary kiln kiln is the weak link of the kiln lining, especially the refractory lining of the front kiln. The use temperature is about 1100 °C, it needs to withstand the impact of rapid cooling, hot air flow, high temperature cement clinker wear and high temperature harmful gas alkali corrosion. The conditions of use are very demanding. The damage of the lining body is mainly: cracking, flaking and abrasion, so the refractory material is required to have good thermal shock resistance, wear resistance and alkali resistance.

When the rotary kiln kiln body is not deformed, it can generally be made of high-aluminum brick, spinel brick and direct combination of magnesia chrome brick, etc., and the high-quality mud is used as the joint material to form the whole body and prevent the brick from falling. To improve life expectancy. However, the deformation of the cylinder is widespread, so it is poured with refractory castable, the steel shell is welded with rivet nails, and the castable is mixed with steel fiber reinforced refractory castable, which is constructed and baked according to the regulations to meet the kiln mouth lining. Production needs.

In foreign countries, corundum and high-aluminum steel fiber reinforced refractory castables are widely used in the front kiln of cement kiln, and their service life can reach 2~8. The castable has a high aluminum content and high strength. Therefore, the thermal shock resistance is poor, easy to crack and peel off, and the service life is reduced. Production practice has proved that the use of steel fiber reinforced high-aluminum refractory castables is better than corundum castables.


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