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Preparation of castables before construction

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Preparation of castables before construction

    Because construction and preparation work is an important part of the anti-corrosion insulation project, it directly affects the quality progress and safety of the anti-corrosion insulation project, so it is highly valued.

    1. Personnel organization:

    The company selects technical personnel with experience in construction and management, knows how to prevent corrosion and heat insulation, and organizes a leading group, and organizes technical personnel who are proficient in anti-corrosion and thermal insulation installation and demolition. Participate in the construction of this project. Construction workers should be in front of construction. Arrived at the construction site, set up temporary facilities, accept management personnel and technical personnel to explain the construction site investigation, and humbly accept the technical safety of the construction of this project, with the management personnel, technical personnel to analyze the technical difficulties and construction problems There are safety hazards in the operation of the control points, so that every construction worker can do a good job in the technical requirements of the construction of this project, and do not blindly watch the safety production. In addition, it is necessary to implement various protective measures for materials and construction objects.

    2. Technical information organization preparation:

    Before the start of the project, the organization should prepare the relevant materials, such as: report the start-up report, prepare the construction plan, material sampling, construction records, safety records, etc.

    3. Preparation of materials:

    Before the construction, the materials used in the preparation should be purchased and the specifications of the materials should be inspected, and the performance should meet the requirements of the operation. Materials should be accompanied by relevant certificates, quality inspection reports and other relevant technical materials. When storing materials, attention should be paid to moisture and rain protection measures. The insulation materials should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. The layer is covered with canvas or color strips. Protect from the moisture and rain, affecting the quality and performance of the material.

    4, equipment preparation:

    Before the start of construction, the equipment used for tricycles, electric grinding wheel cutting, wire cutters, scissors, trowels, ashboards, hand saws, electric welders, spatulas, welding handles, cable wires, brushes, buckets, etc. And check the damage level if there is serious damage, it should be replaced in time to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

    5. Purchase and preparation of labor protection supplies:

    Prepare labor protection measures such as safety belts, safety helmets, goggles, masks, overalls, and labor insurance shoes.

    6. Organizational preparation of fire fighting equipment:

    Before starting construction, we should organize a ready-made fire-fighting equipment, such as: powder fire extinguishers, sand, iron shovel, etc. And everyone will use fire fighting equipment.


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