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what are prefabricated blocks and non-fired bricks

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Prefabricated blocks and non-burning bricks are qualitative commodities in amorphous refractory materials, non-burning or light burning products with high quality function, and new materials with development blocks and wide application.Prefabricated blocks are also known as prefabricated pieces, which belong to the category of amorphous refractories.Its reason is not fired brick raw material synthesis, preparation criteria, the use of the admixture and admixture, and the basic shape of refractories are the same, and do not burn or light burning products.This kind of products, compared with the site construction of amorphous refractory materials, have the advantages of shape ratio standard, stable function, short construction period and low composition;Compared with refractory brick, the finished product rate is high, no need to burn kiln, saving resources, low production cost and high quality function.

Thus, prefabricated blocks and non - burning bricks have a broad future.Should send out, the development that does not burn brick in recent years is very very fast, new variety emerges in endlessly, formed the new overall situation that likes jin of vexed China.The development and application of new varieties of magnesium-carbon brick, aluminum-magnesium-carbon brick, aluminum-carbon brick and al2o3-sic -C quality unburned brick have changed the inner lining of steelmaking converter, electric furnace and ladle, and promoted the adoption of handman, and obtained outstanding social and financial benefits.Meanwhile, use expansion agent.The skills of superfine powder, additive and particle gradation have been developed, such as permeable brick, block brick and so on.


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