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Application of refractory in cement industry

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Refractory for cement industry

Basic refractory

Alkaline refractories have excellent properties of high temperature calcination resistance and chemical erosion resistance, and are the key lining materials for cement kilns to produce high quality, high yield, low consumption and long term safe operation.But it also has the main shortcomings of being susceptible to damp deterioration, high thermal expansion rate, high thermal conductivity and poor thermal shock resistance.At present, the imported and domestic basic refractory materials suitable for cement kilns mainly include direct-bonded magnesium-chrome bricks, semi-direct-bonded magnesium-chrome bricks, ordinary magnesium-chrome bricks, dolomite bricks, special magnesium-chrome bricks with zirconium and without zirconium, spinel and chemical-bonded magnesium-chrome bricks.

Refractory castable has the characteristics of simple production process, energy consumption, flexible and convenient use, etc. It is widely used in cement kiln system and preheater system with complicated structure.Refractory castables suitable for cement kilns mainly include rigid jade castables, high alumina castables, alkali resistant castables and light castables.


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