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On the importance of heat insulation refractory to kiln

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-10-15     

The heat storage loss of the furnace body is not very important for the continuous operation of the furnace, because such furnaces usually run for months to years before they need to be stopped for maintenance.However, for intermittent and discontinuous use of kiln, the heat storage loss of lining refractory material is very large, which is related to the size of kiln, thickness of furnace wall, heat capacity of masonry, thermal conductivity of material, heating time and temperature, and other factors, up to 5%-25%.

The loss of heat taken by cooling water is also great in the kiln with water cooling.For example, in the continuous ingot reheating furnace, the heat loss caused by cooling water is more than 25% when no refractory material is used for heat insulation dressing.

Holes, furnace doors, joints and other places on different parts of the furnace leakage loss of heat is also a lot, such as arc furnace door loss of heat loss as high as 35%.


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