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Detailed description of types of refractories used in various industrial kilns

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What is the classification of refractories used in industrial kilns?Generally speaking, there are four kinds of refractory materials for glass pool kiln, cement kiln, ceramic kiln and coke oven.Detailed information, please see below by henan refractory factory experts about.


Refractory material for glass pool kiln

According to the working environment of glass tank kiln and considering the factors that lead to the damage of lining: chemical erosion, mechanical erosion, degree fluctuation and high temperature, the selection of kiln materials mainly includes the following series:

(1) Al2O3 - SiO2 series;Mainly including clay brick and silica brick.

(2) al2o3-zro2-sio2 series;It mainly includes zircon bricks and fused zirconium corundum bricks.

(3) zro2-sio2 series;

(4) mgo-al2o3, mgo-cr2o3, mgo-sioz series;

(5) heat insulation material


Refractory for cement kiln

Refractories used in cement kilns are various kinds of materials, which should be used comprehensively.There are mainly the following categories:

(1) basic refractory;Basic refractories: magnesite chrome brick, magnesite brick, spinel brick, dolomite brick and so on.Magnesia chrome brick and common magnesia chrome brick, directly bonded magnesia chrome brick, semi-directly bonded magnesia chrome brick.

(2) aluminum-silicon refractories;In addition to clay bricks and high alumina bricks, there are special requirements for aluminum-silicon refractories used in cement kilns.Mainly wear-resisting, alkali-resisting and temperature-resisting, we have developed a series of special high-alumina bricks, such as phosphate-bonded high-alumina brick, phosphate-bonded high-alumina wear-resisting brick, anti-peeling high-alumina brick and alkali-resistant semi-acidic clay brick.

(3) heat-insulating refractory materials;Mainly consists of silicic acid cover and light insulation brick.

(4) castable.Castable materials for cement kiln include high strength and alkali castable materials, anti-crust castable materials, low cement refractory castable materials, special castable materials for kiln mouth, coal spraying pipe, special castable materials for three-time air duct and wear-resistant castable materials.


Castable for ceramic kiln

The inner wall material of kiln wall is required to be able to withstand high temperature.

(1) clay firebrick is used at a temperature below 1300℃;

(2) use high-alumina bricks at 1300 ~ 1400℃;

(3) use silicon brick at 1400 ~ 1500℃;

(4) use magnesium-aluminum brick at 1500 ~ 1600℃;

(5) corundum brick is used below 1800℃.


Refractory for coke oven

(1) refractory materials for carbonization chamber;In the past, most of the choice of clay brick, now tend to choose high quality high - alumina brick, silica line stone brick and andalusite brick masonry.

(2) refractory for combustion chamber.Combustion chamber and carbonization chamber share furnace wall, and the brick is the same as the carbonization chamber.

(3) refractory materials for furnace top.Due to the large temperature fluctuation around the coal hole on the top of the furnace, clay bricks are used for laying, while other parts are used for laying silicon bricks.

(4) refractory for ramp.The inclined path connects the combustion chamber with the regenerator, which requires the brick structure to be stable and can resist the thermal stress.Small coke oven with clay firebrick, large and medium-sized coke oven with brick masonry.

(5) refractory for heat storage chamber.The single wall, partition wall, bottom and lattice brick masonry of small coke oven heat storage chamber are all built with clay brick, while the middle and upper masonry of large and medium-sized coke oven heat storage chamber are all built with silicon brick, so as to make the coke oven uniformly expand.

(6) refractory for small flue.The small flue is located at the bottom of the regenerator and connected with the flue.The small flue is lined with clay bricks.


5. Refractory materials for fluidized bed incinerator

The incineration temperature of fluidized bed incinerator is 750 ~ 870℃. Because the materials (carrier and waste residue) in the furnace are turbulent and boiling, the lining material should be heat-resistant and wear-resistant.The furnace is made of heat-resistant and wear-resistant concrete with a total thickness of 250mm.The inner layer is insulated by 150mm light heat resistant concrete.Outer layer (working layer) pouring l00mm thick bauxite phosphate concrete [bauxite clinker: low calcium aluminate cement: aluminum hydroxide fine powder: aluminum phosphate solution 100∶25∶25 ~ 24 (Wt)], or with light insulation brick and first grade high aluminum brick (l2-65) masonry.


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