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Refractory testing standard

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Refractory, refractory testing

Chemical analysis of aluminum silicate refractories by atomic absorption spectrometry

DB21/T 2071-2013 method for determination of total carbon in magnesium carbon refractories

Method for preparation of sample decomposition and gravimetric determination of silica by chemical analysis reagent of aluminum silicate refractory

Db41/669-2011 refractory energy consumption quota per unit product

DL/T 777-2012 boiler refractories for thermal power plants

DL/T 902-2004 wear-resistant refractories technical conditions and test methods

GB 12441-2005, decorative fire retardant coating

GB 14907-2002 fire retardant coatings for steel structures

GB/T 14983-2008 test method for resistance to alkalinity of refractories

Packaging, marking, transportation and storage of amorphous refractories

Shaped refractory products are packed, marked, transported and stored

Methods for chemical analysis of refractory materials containing carbon, silicon carbide and nitride

GB/T 17601-2008 test method for resistance to sulfuric acid erosion of refractory materials

Sampling of refractories and amorphous refractories

GB/T 17911-2006 test method for ceramic fibre products of refractory materials

GB/T 18257-2000 hot surface mark of refractory brick for rotary kiln

GB/T 18301-2012 test method for wear resistance of refractory materials at room temperature

General rules for flame-retardant and fire-resistant wires and cables

X-ray fluorescence spectrochemical analysis of refractory materials - fused cast glass method

Measure thermal diffusion coefficient or thermal conductivity by flash method

Nitride-bonded refractory products and matching refractory mud

GB/T 23294-2009 wear-resistant refractory

Test method for carbon monoxide resistance of refractories

Test method for bulk density of refractory particles

Test method for permeability of compact shaped refractory products

GB/T 3001-2007 standard test method for flexural strength of refractories at room temperature

GB/T 3002-2004 refractories - high temperature flexural strength test method

GB/T 3003-2006 refractory ceramic fiber and products

GB/T 3007-2006 test method for moisture content of refractories

Test method for dynamic young's modulus of refractories (pulse excitation method)

Test method for thermal shock resistance of refractories

Determination of B2O3 in GB/T 32177-2015 refractories

GB/T 32178-2015 spectrophotometric method for determination of hexavalent chromium in refractories containing chromium

General requirements for chemical analysis of refractories by wet method, atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (icp-aes)

Classification of amorphous refractories

Amorphous refractories - part 1: introduction and classification

Method for chemical analysis of zirconium - containing refractories

GB/T 5069-2007 method for chemical analysis of magnesium-aluminum refractories

GB/T 5069-2015 method for chemical analysis of magnesium-aluminum refractory materials

GB/T 5070-2007 method for chemical analysis of refractories containing chromium

GB/T 5070-2015 method for chemical analysis of refractory materials containing chromium

Test method for true density of refractory materials

GB/T 5072-2008 test method for compressive strength of refractory materials at room temperature

GB/T 5073-2005 refractory creep test method

GB/T 5988-2007 test method for permanent line change of heating refractory materials

Test method for softening temperature of refractories under load -- differential temperature rise method

Test method for thermal conductivity of refractory materials (hot-wire method)

GB/T 6900-2006 method for chemical analysis of aluminum-silicon refractories

GB/T 6901-2008 method for chemical analysis of silica refractories

GB/T 7320-2008 thermal expansion test method for refractories

GB/T 7321-2004 method for sample preparation of fixed refractories

GB/T 7322-2007 fire resistance test method for refractories

GB/T 8931-2007 test method for slag resistance of refractory materials

Silicon carbide standard sample for refractory materials

HG/T 4131-2010 industrial potassium silicate

Code for construction and acceptance of amorphous refractories for the building materials industry

Code of use for refractory materials for cement rotary kiln

JC/T 639-2013 test method for bubble precipitation rate of refractories used in glass melting kilns

JC/T 805-2013 test method for glass phase exudation temperature in refractory materials used in glass melting kilns

JC/T 806-2013 test method for static resistance to liquid glass erosion of refractories used in glass melting kilns

SN/T 3797-2014 screening method for zirconia fibers in refractory materials used in construction - X-ray diffraction method

YB/T 102-2007 refractory electrical fused corundum

YB/T 118-1997 test method for pore diameter distribution of refractories

YB/T 2429-2009 test method for plasticity of bound clays for refractories

YB/T 4032-2010 cyanite andalusite sillimanite

YB/T 4115-2003 functional refractory ventilation test method

Test method for thermal conductivity of refractories (water flow plate method)

YB/T 4131-2014 phenolic resin for refractory materials

YB/T 4161-2007 test method for resistance of refractory materials to corrosion of molten cryolite electrolyte

YB/T 4239-2010 ferrosilicon nitride

YB/T 4320-2012 amorphous refractory for carbon roasting furnace

Sintered magnesite for refractory materials

YB/T 5202.1-2003 methods for preparation of amorphous refractories - part 1: refractory castables

Chromium ores for refractory materials

Determination of carbonaceous materials for aluminium - part 26: determination of the permeability of refractories to cryolite


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