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Maintenance method of castable after construction

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The characteristic of pouring material engineering is irreversibility. Therefore, it requires workers to control the quality and do the later maintenance in the construction. Maintenance has a great influence on the engineering quality, especially the pouring material engineering.If you don't know, come with me and have a look:

Therefore, after the construction of pouring material should be timely maintenance, depending on the specific situation to decide whether to dismantle the mold, at the same time should pay attention to the order and method of dismantling the mold.

When maintaining, can use wet gunniness bag or wet mat cover in pouring material engineering surface and timely sprinkling water to maintain a wet state, for inconvenient cover parts can spray in pouring material surface water oxygen protection, maintenance time is not less than 2d, and day should be frequent drinks.

Curing system and its kind of binder, if the production of shortened curing time, or not curing, often cause the next step of the baking problem.

The maintenance of pouring material project is very necessary, because good maintenance can not only improve the quality of pouring project, but also improve its construction speed, so as to reduce the company's project investment, save materials!



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