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Circulating fluidized bed boiler construction technology - furnace

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Furnace (combustion chamber, dense phase zone)

Furnace dense-phase zone is complex parts, boiler return leg, coal conveying pipe and primary air and secondary air tube wall number is more, most size is not unified, and high temperature wear resistance area, expansion coefficient change is big, strong mechanical impact, because of its consideration of water wall heat effect, face wear-resisting layer is thinner, so adopting suitable to the working characteristics and environment of wear resistant castables is the prerequisite of extending the service life of the furnace.My factory production since the streaming corundum castable (see chart) physical and chemical indicators with high temperature resistance, resistance to high wear resistance, strong mechanical impact, reting high stability, their performance is good wait for a characteristic, furnace wear-resisting layer is thin and water-cooled wall welding thick pin, shuttering, after some face construction working hours may not be able to achieve vibrator vibration, scoop corundum castable as long as the role of with a little force, can be closely combined in thus does not produce honeycomb and hollow.

Construction process: before construction, the working face shall be cleaned, and the water-cooling wall pin shall be coated with asphalt (1mm). If the pin spacing at the opening of the water-cooling wall is too large, heat-resistant welding nails shall be added to prevent the casting material from cracking and falling off due to thermal expansion and cold contraction during operation.Thickness according to the size of design a good template, the template is unfavorable and exorbitant, generally is about 60 cm, the strong point to firmly to prevent mold, the stirring evenly pour object working face, don't be fixed at one point material, the vibration when the template is easy to deformation, thus affecting the work surface roughness, extend horizontally around the pouring construction step by step up.The working face with good construction will be maintained naturally without external force. After it has full strength, the supporting mold will be poured. The joint of the first and second pouring should be handled cleanly to avoid impurities remaining on it.(in principle, there is no expansion joint for furnace pouring). Only after the overall pouring maintenance is completed can the mold be dismantled. After the mold is dismantled, check whether the reserved holes are unblocked and timely repair any improper parts.

Directionalization index of flowing corundum pouring


                             Item parameter
 refractory temperature      ℃ >1790
 volume density    g/cm3 >2.7
 compressive strength 110℃ >105
1100℃ >110
1350℃ >105
breaking strength  MPa 110℃ >8
1100℃ >10
1350℃ >10
linear change on reheating   % 0.1
Thermal shock stability       time >20
 work temperature       ℃ 1650
abrasive resistance         cc <8



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