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What are the main differences between aluminosilicate fiber cotton and asbestos fiber?

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Aluminum silicate fiber is a new type of lightweight refractory materials, the material has the advantage of light unit weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, good resistance to mechanical vibration, small thermal expansion, thermal insulation performance is good wait for an advantage, through special processing, can be made into aluminum silicate fiber board, aluminum silicate fiber mat, aluminum silicate fiber rope, aluminum silicate fiber blanket, etc.The new sealing material has the high temperature resistance thermal conductivity low, the bulk weight light, the service life is long, the tensile strength is big, the elasticity is good, nontoxic and so on the characteristic, is replaces the asbestos the new material, is widely used in the metallurgy, the electric power, the mechanical, the chemical energy energy equipment heat preservation.Asbestos is also known as “Asbestos & throughout;The commercial term refers to silicate mineral products with high tensile strength, high flexibility, chemical and thermal erosion resistance, electrical insulation and spinnability.It is the general term for naturally fibrous silicate minerals.Under the jurisdiction of 2 categories a total of 6 minerals (serpentine asbestos, amphibole asbestos, amphibole asbestos, amphibole asbestos, direct amphibole asbestos, ferroasbestos, tremolite asbestos, etc.).Asbestos is made up of bundles of fibres, which in turn are made up of very long and fine fibres that can be separated from each other.Asbestos has high fire resistance, electrical insulation and thermal insulation, is an important fire prevention, insulation and insulation materials.

There are many kinds of asbestos, which can be divided into serpentine asbestos and amphibole asbestos according to their mineral composition and chemical composition.Serpentine asbestos, also known as chrysotile asbestos, is one of the largest production of asbestos, with better spinnability.Amphibole asbestos can be divided into blue asbestos, tremblite asbestos, asbestos, asbestos, and so on, the production is less than serpentine asbestos.

In terms of its production process, aluminosilicate fiber cotton can produce such components as smooth structure, suspension structure, beam structure and frame structure.The working temperature depends on the material using condition, the heat source type and the environment atmosphere.Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance;High compressive strength and good toughness.Ordinary aluminosilicate cotton is a kind of flocculent fiber made of hard clay clinker, which is melted by electric furnace and sprayed.Aluminum silicate cotton is high - purity alumina, silica powder synthesis material as raw materials, melting through the electric furnace, spray from the flocculent fiber.Zirconium type aluminosilicate cotton is a kind of flocculent fiber, which is made of high purity alumina, silica powder and zirconium yingsha synthetic material.Aluminosilicate cotton is made by adding a certain proportion of high temperature binder in the process of spraying and blowing.Different types of asbestos have different physical, mechanical and chemical properties.Asbestos fibers are generally 3-50 mm long, but some are longer.The longest asbestos fibre found in China, damien, is now the longest in the world.Aluminum silicate fiber components maintain a certain proportion of compression during processing.After the wall lining of aluminum silicate fiber components is finished, each aluminum silicate fiber component expands in different directions, making each aluminum silicate fiber component squeeze each other into a seamless whole. All aluminum silicate fiber components can be fixed directly on the steel plate anchoring nail of industrial kiln shell.Users should choose aluminum silicate fiber components with different materials and structures according to industrial furnace structure, furnace temperature system, environment and atmosphere.


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