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Bazhong city found two graphite ore spots

Words:[Big][Medium][Small] Mobile Page Two-Dimensional Code 2018-06-12     

Pinghe township, nanjiang county, bazhong city has many years of experience in graphite mining, which started in 1926. In that year, it was mainly mined by hand. However, the total amount of resources was 5.45 million tons.Due to the limitation of graphite quality, mining technology and market, pinghe graphite mine is currently in the state of suspension.According to li qi, a member of the graphite promotion group of the municipal economic and information technology commission, the graphite ore in pinghe township is the first graphite ore discovered in sichuan province.

The jianshan graphite mine was accidentally discovered by nanjiang sitong mining co., ltd. during its 2013 copper exploration."At present, the jianshan graphite mine is still in the prospecting stage, and three ore bodies have been found in the area, namely no. 1 ore body, no. 2 ore body and no. 3 ore body."Li qi said that the exploration report of ore body no. 1 has been completed and the existing graphite resources amount to 50.35 million tons. Ore body no. 2 and ore body no. 3 are in the detailed exploration stage and the total resources of these two ore bodies are estimated to be around 20 million tons."Although the survey report of ore body no. 1 has been released, we are still exploring the eastern part of the ore body to look for more resources."Lee said.

It is known that the graphite ore in nanjiang county originates from regional metamorphic deposits.The original marble at the deposit is metamorphic, and the carbon in the marble gradually clumps together to form a graphite ore.

"At present, bazhong city is rich in mineral resources, such as iron ore, coal mine, nepheline, magnetite, etc.""The discovery and exploration of jianshan graphite gives bazhong city an advantage in mineral resources," li said.


Graphite as a physical, chemical and mechanical properties are excellent non-metallic mineral materials, known as "black gold", at present, bazhong city has found two graphite production areas, located in nanjiang county pinghe township and nanjiang county yangba town jianshan village.Recently, bazhong city began to work out the development plan of graphite industry, strengthen the development, supervision and allocation of graphite mineral resources.Mining, meanwhile, requires a workforce that will boost employment.Accelerate the economic development of bazhong city.



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