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Safety production measures for CFB boiler - high strength wear resistant castable - zibo yuneng kiln

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Production safety measures


1. Safety policy objectives:

1.1 safety policy: safety first, prevention first.

1.2 safety objectives: A. Elimination of accidents involving major casualties and serious or minor injuries;

B. Prevent major mechanical and equipment accidents;

C. Put an end to fire accidents;

D. Attempted accident caused by the responsibility of the controller;

E. Strive for a first-class level of safe and civilized construction management.

2. Establishment of safety management organization:


3. Rules and regulations for implementation

3.1 provisions on the investigation and punishment of major liability accidents.

3.2 provisions for safe construction management of electric power construction.

3.3 safety working rules for electric power construction.

3.4 electrical safety working procedures.

3.5 rules for investigation of electric accidents.

3.6 implementation rules of provincial regulations on safety monitoring of hoisting machinery.

3.7 relevant safety regulations of superiors.

4. Safe construction management:

4.1 strictly implement the provisions of safe construction management and the rules and regulations of safe construction, strengthen overall management, implement safety measures and ensure safe construction.

4.2 according to the characteristics of the project, the second engineering project department formulates the construction safety management rules and clarifies the safety responsibilities of personnel at all levels. Personnel at all levels must earnestly perform their respective safety responsibilities and implement the safety construction responsibility system centered on the first responsibility for safety at all levels.

4.3 strengthen the implementation of three-level education of safety management, establish safety files, and strictly implement the management rules for special industry personnel.

4.4 strengthen the publicity work of construction safety and carry out regular safety ideological education to construction personnel in various forms.

4.5 the engineering project department organizes safety inspection regularly, insists on the daily pre-shift safety meeting system, and insists on the weekly team safety activity day system.

4.6 the investigation, analysis and treatment of accidents shall be carried out in accordance with the principle of "three don't let go" in strict accordance with the accident reporting system.

4.7 the safe construction is linked to the economic responsibility system, which shall be implemented in accordance with (reward and punishment method of safety management assessment). The project department shall formulate corresponding reward and punishment rules, and give a heavy reward to individuals who timely discover the hidden danger of accidents and prevent serious personal casualties and mechanical and equipment accidents.

4.8 the safety management system of outsourcing workers, temporary workers and migrant workers shall be strictly implemented.

5. Technical measures for safe construction:

5.1 accept the supervision and guidance of the safety supervision department of the owner's unit, and abide by the safety management system and regulations of the owner's unit.

5.2 effectively isolate the construction area and production operation area.Ensure safe operation of power plant.

5.3 the personnel who enter the production area due to work needs shall not touch the operating equipment or make a standby operation.Unrelated personnel are not allowed to enter the production area.

5.4 every connection, and operation of the system must deal with working ticket, after approval, according to the content of the provisions of the construction and construction as specified in the working ticket content, such as working ticket within the stipulated time, work cannot be completed, should extend the time of working ticket formalities in advance, and shall be approved, after work, should be an immediate end to the working ticket.

5.5 before the construction of each sub-project starts, a construction work instruction must be prepared, and detailed safety construction measures should be provided in the work instruction. The construction personnel should be informed according to the approved work instruction, and the construction can only be carried out after the safety measures are implemented.

5.6 measures should be taken to prevent falling objects in high level operation, and effective isolation measures should be taken between each layer in multi-layer crossover operation.

5.7 in an important construction plan, detailed safety construction measures shall be approved and disclosed to the construction personnel before construction can be carried out after the safety measures are implemented.

5.8 the construction site must have fire fighting facilities and adequate fire fighting equipment.

5.9 open fire shall be employed in areas where open fire is restricted or where fire may occur.

5.10 sparks during gas cutting and welding should be collected effectively to prevent fire caused by sparks flying everywhere.

5.1l strictly abide by the fire prevention and explosion prevention safety management system.

5.12 strictly abide by the safe electricity use system.

5.13 strictly abide by the traffic management system.When driving on the road in the factory, the speed of motor vehicles shall not exceed 20km/h or the speed stipulated in the factory.

5.14 for holes on site, there must be protective facilities and obvious warning signs.

5.15 the construction personnel entering the site must pass physical examination, and the doctor thinks they are qualified before entering the site for construction.

6. Civilized construction management

6.1 the construction personnel who enter the site must strictly abide by all regulations and systems of the owner's unit and accept the supervision of the relevant departments of the owner's unit.

6.2 the construction personnel who enter the site must strictly abide by the civilized construction management system of the factory and ensure the safe and civilized construction.

6.3 the construction personnel entering the site shall be neatly dressed and shall correctly use labor protection products according to the prescribed standards. They shall not wear shorts, skirts, slippers, high-heeled shoes, etc.

6.4 be civilized and polite. Do not scribble on the construction site. Do not fight with each other.

6.5 take good care of public facilities.

6.6 strengthen the management of the general layout of the construction. The construction land, material and equipment stacking, construction construction and transfer sites in each area shall be used in strict accordance with the general layout.

6.7 the road at the construction site shall be unblocked and shall not be occupied or excavated arbitrarily.

6.8 no materials, equipment or other articles shall be piled up on the safe passage and no damage shall be done to the safe passage.

6.9 materials, equipment and warehouse materials and equipment shall be neatly arranged and clearly marked.

6.10 materials and equipment used in the project shall be stacked neatly and firmly on the site, and shall not be excessively high or overloaded according to relevant provisions.

6.1l temporary power facilities used on site, cables and wires for temporary power supply, first and second wires for welding machine, and arrangement of various gas cylinders and belts shall be orderly and not be placed at will.

6.12 temporary lighting at the construction site shall be standardized and standard.

6.13 divide the civilized construction responsibility area in the construction site, adhere to the principle of who is responsible for the construction, and conduct regular inspection.

6.14 for insulation materials and other wastes removed during construction and maintenance, they shall be immediately transported out of the construction site and transported to the place designated by the owner for inverted storage.

6.15 it is not allowed to carry out brutal construction, throw away rubbish and sundries at will, set fixed dustbins on the site, and clean up the site rubbish at any time and anywhere.

6.16 the construction water shall not be discharged at will. The sewage shall be discharged with safety measures and meet the requirements of local environmental protection departments.

6.17 the construction work surface must be kept clean and tidy, and the "finished work, material and site cleaning" should be done carefully, without leaving any remnants and hidden dangers to the construction site.

6.18 establish a reward and punishment system for civilized construction to reward the advanced and punish the laggards.


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