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Chemical and physical indexes of the outlet flue of cyclone tube for refractory and wear-resisting heat preservation material of circulating fluidized bed boiler

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Cyclone tube outlet flueHigh resistance castableYG-TJ-13

Alumina is 50

Silicon powder 5

The steel powder


Additives for 15

Fire resistance >1500℃;Volume density: 2.7g/cm3;

Normal temperature compressive strength >120Mpa;

Normal temperature bending strength >10 Mpa;Wear < 8 cc

Change rate of reburning line is 0.2%.

Maximum operating temperature 1500℃;

4 years

The above

Divided into three layers:

1. High-strength wear-resisting castable, the main raw materials are :(1) bauxite aggregate, which plays a fire-resistant role;(2) corundum powder plays an wear-resisting role.

Two, lightweight insulation castable, composed of floating beads and bauxite aggregate, to play a role in fire insulation.

Three, aluminum silicate fiberboard, the same as the cyclone separator return material legs

Lightweight insulating castableYG-QJ-08

Fire resistance >1200℃;Volume density 0.8g /cm3;

Compressive strength 3Mpa;Apparent stomatal rate <0.3%;

Maximum operating temperature 1150℃;

Thermal conductivity 0.28w/m.k

Aluminum silicate fiberboard

Fire resistance >1000℃;Volume density 0.2g/cm3;

Compressive strength 0.8mpa;The change rate of the reburned line was <0.2%

Maximum operating temperature 900℃

Thermal conductivity 0.05w/m.k


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