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Factors affecting the performance of refractory castable

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There is no difference between the basic properties of refractory castable and refractory concrete. Both of them belong to one kind of refractory, and belong to unshaped refractory, namely bulk castable refractory.If we want to ensure that the quality of refractory castable products is not affected, we must first analyze and study, and summarize.The factors and reasons that affect the performance of refractory castable can ultimately guarantee the excellent performance, service life and market competitiveness of products.

General classification of refractory castable is by raw materials (high aluminum, just the quality of the jade, silicon carbide), bulk density, high refractoriness, acid-base properties, because there are so many types of refractory castable, in this space to Li Huichao kiln company not listed one by one, in general the factors affecting the performance of refractory castable has the following several ways, worthy of our attention:

1. Quality, content, impurities and stability of refractory raw materials.

2, refractory aggregate and powder ratio and grade and thickness.

3. Binding agent (model or label and amount added).

4. Mixing and adding amount of raw materials and water-cement ratio.

5, acid alkaline PH value.

6. Construction and maintenance of refractory castable, as well as changes of baking temperature and season of refractory castable (construction temperature).

7. Shelf life of refractory castable.

8. Production process and operation.

9, refractory castable physical and chemical properties and physical and chemical indicators of technical parameters (volume density, apparent porosity, bending strength, softening temperature under load, linear change rate and other factors).

10, the use of refractory castable environment and changes (impact on the use of refractory castable factors).

11, different refractory castable manufacturers of the same product performance is not the same.

In addition to the above factors, there are other detailed factors that directly or indirectly affect the service performance and life of refractory castable at high temperature.Therefore, we must be strict and standard in the production of refractory castable operation, so as to ensure the excellent characteristics of refractory castable products.


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