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Characteristics and application cases of mullite - corundum castable

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Liaoning some steel company imported large pellets roasting furnace lining was mainly adopts just the jade castable pouring, ignition operation after three months lining and combustor liner to produce several large area of spalling, namely the use effect is not ideal and the reason of the lined with large area of spalling is probably just the quality of the jade larger furnace material coefficient of thermal expansion and elastic modulus is higher. Thus caused by poor thermal shock resistance and spalling resistance.


Complex phase refractories composed of two or more mineral or physical phases with different thermal expansion coefficients have better thermal shock resistance and spalling resistance.We use a new type of mullite and corundum castable to cast the lining of pelletizing furnace for a steel company. It has been used by a steel company in liaoning province, and it has received very good results. After the pelletizing furnace has been running for one year, no signs of spalling have been found.


The aggregate of castable is made of high-purity electrofused mullite produced by our factory. The fine powder of electrofused white corundum produced by our factory is used as the main substrate material, and a small amount of active silica fume (SiO recovered from ferroalloy factory, micro powder), bluestone powder, sodium tripolyphosphate or sodium hexametaphosphate and other additives are introduced.On the basis of the initial success in pelletizing furnace of a steel company in liaoning province, we prepared the prefabricated block of mullite and corundum low cement castable for a large pelletizing furnace of a steel company in Inner Mongolia, and conducted the comparative use test between the hot spot of pelletizing furnace combustion chamber and the corresponding combustion chamber built with high-alumina brick.Three months after the ignition operation, the combustion chamber masonry of high alumina brick was seriously spalling, and the partial cuan fire occurred while the corresponding prefabricated block masonry of mullite and corundum masonry of combustion chamber was intact without any spalling phenomenon.After 6 months of cold repair and re-ignition of the combustion chamber of high alumina brick masonry, the high alumina brick masonry has suffered large area spalling and serious damage due to mechanical failure and forced shutdown of the furnace after observation.The corresponding mollite - corundum castable precast block masonry has not yet found obvious signs of peeling.


The pellet furnace flame temperature of the combustion chamber can be as high as 1700 ℃ thermal shock is more demanding. The preliminary trial results show that we cooperate with relevant units to develop the production of a corundum mullite casting and precast block compared with the pure corundum castable with high alumina brick has good thermal shock resistance and spalling resistance, use under the high temperature thermal shock is serious, can be expected to obtain good using effect, is a kind of new advanced castable to be promoted and preform we would like to work with the use of manufacturers work together to use to this kind of castable and preform in various units' advice on the use of successful service wholeheartedly


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